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The Institute offers a free e-mail service and sends information on free seminars and services offered. To subscribe, simply E-mail enquiries@instituteofchinesemedicine.org


The Institute of Chinese Medicine Library

The Institute of Chinese Medicine holds what is probably the finest collection of books and other materials related to Traditional Chinese medicine in Europe. The collection includes publications in Chinese and English and is maintained for the benefit of researchers and the general public alike and is open during weekdays between 10.00am and 7.00pm by appointment only. Access is free of charge.  Please contact reception to arrange a time to use the library.


The Institute of Chinese Medicine Herbal Specimen Museum

The Institute of Chinese Medicine maintains a unique collection of herbs and plants on site for the purposes of education (and, indeed, curiosity). This is the first collection of its kind in the UK and serves to inform the medical community and general public alike. The collection can be viewed at any time during normal opening hours.


Free Seminars

Traditional Chinese Medicine is used to treat a variety of medical conditions.  Since January 2007, the Institute has run an on-going seminar series on topics including skin conditions, infertility and allergy.  These seminars always involve one talk by a Western-trained specialist and one by a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner so that the conditions can be approached from both viewpoints.








Case Histories

Please click below to download reports on a variety of cases treated at the Institute:

TCM & Fertility

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please post your questions to faq@instituteofchinesemedicine.org. When appropriate, we will answer directly and when common, general questions are posed, we will give brief answers. The Institute will not discuss medical or therapeutic issues beyond the very general, and visitors to this site are always recommended to seek professional guidance either from clinicians at the Institute or their GP. The Institute undertakes not to release into the public domain anything that compromises patient confidentiality or safety.


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The Institute of Chinese Medicine does not endorse any of these sites and will not accept any liability for the content of any of the sites.

Press Information

The Institute of Chinese Medicine is happy to answer questions, contribute to media articles and take part in broadcasts on general issues related to Traditional Chinese medicine.

Enquirers are requested to contact the Institute by E-mail to enquiries@instituteofchinesemedicine.org or by telephone on +44 (0)20 7836 5220.



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